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What It Really Takes to Sell a Lot of Product

Mitch GoozeGuest Expert:

Mitch Goozé, CSP   (About Mitch)

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The Program:

Selling product is key to a thriving speaking/consulting business. You know you should be selling more. But there is so much to consider, and so much conflicting information on the best products to produce and how to sell them. If you're like many information entrepreneurs, you're confused about

  • Which products should you focus on producing (CDs, videos, webinars, books, home-study guides, etc.)?
  • How do you sell them for maximum profit (BOR, Internet, direct marketing, pre-sales, magalogs, etc.)?
  • What level of quality do you need (world-class to "home-made")?

Mitch Goozé, CSP, author of two books on marketing as well as an expert on direct marketing, will review these issues, and then focus on the one critical element he has found to selling more products and making more money.

You will learn:

  • Some of the best practices in product development and sales shared by speakers and consultants in the last 12 years.
  • How to take the best action NOW to increase product sales (no matter your level of involvement with products or years as a speaker/consultant)
  • The most critical issue in being able to sell lots of product (and it's not finding the "right" product to sell)
  • How to determine what level of effort you should put into product development/sales and why

More about our guest expert:

A recognized expert in marketing, innovation and leadership, strategic positioning, and customer relationships, Mitch Goozé has addressed groups throughout the world, winning high ratings for his energetic presentation style and results-oriented approach.

His ideas have helped senior executives from more than 4,000 companies define their market niches, manage innovation, develop and implement practical, workable plans, and realign their efforts to focus more closely on the customer.

Mitch is the author of two books on marketing -- It's Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build a Sustainable Business, (IMI, 1997,2002) and The Secret to Selling More: It's Not Where You've Been Looking, If It Were, You'd Have Found It Already (IMI 2001). He has been a principal with Customer Manufacturing Group since 1991. Customer Manufacturing Group helps its customers increase marketing/sales performance through process improvement management.