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Selling Your Audio Content Through Audible.com:
How to Get Your Recordings to an Online Audience

Jonathan KorzenGuest Expert:

Jonathan Korzen
(About Jonathan)

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The Program:

You want to sell your audio products to a much larger customer base. You understand that the more people who hear you, the more additional products and services they will buy from you. Speakers are often a perfect fit with Audible.com, the leader in spoken audio information, entertainment and education on the Internet. You may have content that is right for them. If so, you'll get your work known to many more people than you would on your own -- and you'll earn a royalty for each download of your programs. Jonathan Korzen, Audible.com's director of corporate communications, will explain the ins and outs of becoming a provider of audio content to Audible.com. SNN has been a content provider for years, and we will add our experience to the discussion.

You will learn:

  1. Audible.com's model -- what they sell and to whom
  2. Why you should consider selling your content through Audible.com
  3. What Audible.com is looking for in publishing partners/content providers
  4. The kinds of things can you sell (MP3s, podcasts, etc.)
  5. The process for getting your work accepted
  6. If accepted, what you can expect -- royalties, promotion, etc.

More about our guest expert:

Jonathan Korzen is Audible's director of corporate communications and has been with the company since February 1997. Jonathan started his tenure at Audible as a member of the audio content acquisition team, and has held a corporate communications role for the last seven years. Jonathan recently spent a year in London, working on the launch of the Audible.co.uk business, but he's happy to be back "state-side."


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