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Dan JanalGuest Expert:

Dan Janal
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The Program:

The Internet is ushering in a Golden Age of publicity that will work wonders for speakers. Never before have you been able to reach your target markets directly, without the help of the old media, and at a very low cost. Learn how to take advantage of new tools and new Web resources that can lead to opportunities for speakers who want to book more engagements and sell more books and products.

Without knowing any technology, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop an empowering mindset on how to get publicity that directly reaches your target markets.
  • Write press releases that search engines notice so people who need to know about you find you.
  • Use YouTube to create a viral marketing campaign that makes you the talk of your industry.
  • Use your blog to promote your seminars, teleseminars and products and create an aura of celebrity and fame.
  • Syndicate your articles on the Internet that promote your position as an expert—and lead people to your targeted offers.
  • Capture traffic from your publicity and turn them into customers.
  • Turn this publicity into speaking engagements.
  • And much, much more.

More about our guest expert:

Dan Janal has been creating groundbreaking tactics and strategies for getting publicity in the new media since he was on the PR team that launched America Online more than 25 years ago. Currently, he is the founder and president of PRLeads.com, which has helped more than 2,000 authors and speakers get publicity in top newspapers and magazines since 2001. His benchmarking book about Internet marketing, published in 1995, has been translated into 6 languages and has helped a generation of online marketers get their start. He has spoken everywhere from Beijing to Budapest and has taught Internet marketing at Berkeley. USA TODAY called Dan “a true Internet marketing pioneer.” The Los Angeles Times called Dan “an Internet marketing expert.”


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