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Become Invaluable to Meeting Planners:
Tips from an Über-Planner

Joan EisenstodtGuest Expert:

Joan Eisenstodt
(About Joan)

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The Program:

How does a professional meeting planner think and operate? How do others who plan meetings think and operate? How can you make yourself known positively to them? How can you work in tandem to ensure your program is a great success? How can you share your needs and experience to help the overall program become more successful?

Joan Eisenstodt, über-planner, NSA’s 2006 Meeting Partner of the Year and legend in the meetings and hospitality industry, shares her opinions based on more than 30 years in the meetings industry. She thinks there are many ways a speaker can show his/her value to a planner without being in your face.

In this teleseminar, you will learn:

  • How you can successfully use viral marketing, meeting listservs, and involvement in various industry organizations to make yourself known to planners while furthering your own career.
  • How you can become invaluable to a planner by taking a consulting approach, even if you’re a keynoter or trainer.
  • How you can help the planner so that your presentation is successful and his/her whole program is more successful as a result.
  • Why it’s important to define yourself and deliver appropriately, and understand the difference between a speaker who motivates and a motivational speaker.
  • When and how much customization is important and why.
  • When turning down business will bring you more.

More about our guest expert:

Joan Eisenstodt is a facilitator, trainer, and meeting manager with more than 30 years of experience. She founded Washington, DC-based Eisenstodt Associates, LLC, in 1981. In addition to her work with clients, Joan moderates an international listserv for the meetings and hospitality industry. She is an active member of MPI and other industry associations, the International Association of Facilitators, and in her community with groups dedicated to education and diversity.

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