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Audience Involvement Strategies for Involuntary,
Cynical, and Non-Participatory Attendees

Frank BucaroGuest Expert:

Frank Bucaro, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

You may have experienced it — people who don't really want to be in your presentation. Their arms are crossed, they download email on their PDA, do some paperwork, or even read the newspaper. Ugh! You do your darndest to get them to pay attention. But their boss made them attend. Or your program is mandatory for everyone in the department, division, or company so you've got a roomful of these uncooperative folks.

Frank feels your pain. He's been leading ethics sessions (can you imagine a less appealing topic?) for over 20 years. He's had the worst skeptics you can imagine — people who *really* don't want to be there and think this presentation is a colossal waste of time. But Frank reels them in from the get-go. He has mastered how to manage groups who don't want to be in the room and turn them around so within minutes they are engaged and participating. By the end nearly everyone is thanking him for a wonderful session.

Whether you face Frank's topic challenge, or have more appealing topics like sales, customer service, management, leadership, or communication, you've had disenchanted audience members — or maybe whole audiences. If you haven't, you will. Learn Frank's unusual methods for turning people around quickly so you'll have less painful sessions and higher evaluations from everyone — even the cynics.

You will learn:

  • how to set up the ground rules ahead of time to ensure success
  • what you can say within the first few minutes to shift the mood from skeptical to interested
  • some simple, yet highly effective, audience participation techniques that guarantee nearly 100% engaged involvement
  • ideas on how you can adapt these techniques to your topic

More about our guest expert:

Frank's unique approach blends the serious subject of ethics with a humorous and high-energy presentation style. The result is a riveting and fun experience for the entire audience.

Frank's successful teaching career provided a smooth transition to full-time keynote and seminar presenter. The ethics scandals rocking Wall Street throughout the 90's served to further push Frank to jettison his teaching, as an increasing number of organizations identified a need for ethics training.

Fortune 500 companies, associations, and educational organizations have requested his upbeat, content-rich keynote and seminar programs. These presentations highlight ethics as a powerful ally for growth and sustainability in the marketplace.

Now a business owner, author, speaker and consultant, Frank explains, "unwavering attention to ethical practices and behaviors is necessary. For example, this attention reduces vulnerability to costly and embarrassing legal problems, supports employee morale and retention, and fosters quality customer relationships. An ethical environment helps to create fertile ground for growth and productivity."

A member of the National Speakers Association, Frank is a recipient of the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation and the CPAE (Council of Peers Award of Excellence) Speaker Hall of Fame award.


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