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How to Profit from Exhibiting,
Whether You’re Speaking at the Event or Not

Susan FriedmannGuest Expert:

Susan Friedmann, CSP
(About Susan)

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The Program:

You’re speaking at a conference that includes a trade show. Or maybe you’re not speaking, but think this event would be full of good buyers for your products and services. Would it be worth the extra time, effort, and expense to exhibit? What should you show and/or sell to get the best ROI? How do you make sure the time/money investment pays off big-time? What can you do to close business at the show or soon after? What are common mistakes speakers make when exhibiting that can cost you future business?

Discover valuable information, high-powered skills, techniques and insider secrets to master the unique, high-pressured tradeshow environment. Susan Friedmann, CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, will share practical potent strategies, and easy-to-use information you can use to attract more business at tradeshows.

You will learn:

  • key factors to decide if this is a good show at which to exhibit
  • important ingredients to make your booth stand out even without a fancy exhibit display
  • 5 critical techniques to close more sales after the show
  • 7 huge bloopers most exhibitors make before, during and after every tradeshow, and how to avoid them
  • Susan’s simple 3-step Exhibiting Action Plan
  • money-saving exhibiting tips

More about our guest expert:

Susan Friedmann, CSP is a “how to” coach specializing in the tradeshow industry. She works with organizations who want to boost their exhibiting results by attracting new business at tradeshows, and designs and implements strategies for show organizers and exhibitors who want to retain and grow their customer base.

Originally from London, England, Susan has been a consultant, speaker and author for over 20 years. Her extensive experience in the tradeshow industry has allowed her to work with several hundred companies representing more than 30 different industries in the U.S., Mexico and Europe. She is also a regular contributing editor to numerous professional and trade publications.

Susan is an active member of the National Speakers Association, certified teleclass leader, former adjunct faculty member at San Francisco State University, former contract speaker for Fred Pryor Seminars, and a past president of the American Marketing Association, Cincinnati Chapter.


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