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Make More Money and Find New Customers
on the Other Internet—the Invisible One

Sheryl KayMichael BenidtGuest Experts:

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay
(About Michael and Sheryl)

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The Program:

You’ve heard of colleagues making lots of money by getting new clients through the Internet. But you’ve tried Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AdWords and other techniques with only a trickle of new business. You want to find ways to reach new customers, but without continuing to make an Internet marketer or your webmaster rich, while you reap just a little.

Instead of waiting for business to come to you, go get it! You’ll learn how to mine the “Invisible Web” for high-quality leads, the Web that few people know how to tap. Studies show that even the best search engines scour less than 20% of the Internet. The big secret is that this is often where the most valuable stuff can be found. The bigger secret is what happens when you combine the power of the Invisible Web with the most extraordinary sales weapon of all time — your brain.

Beginner or expert, Michael and Sheryl will share practical, easy-to-implement skills, sites and strategies you can use to put the Internet to work for you TODAY. You’ll be amazed at the free and low-cost wealth that is just waiting for you. Optimizing your Web site’s not half as important as optimizing your brain.

You will learn:

  • how to get the skinny on your prospects in seconds
  • how to find people, phone numbers, addresses and emails no one else will find
  • why “the news” is your most sophisticated sales lead tool
  • 4 expensive software packages you can throw away right now
  • how to turn your blog into a powerful lead generator
  • how to put a Fortune 500 research library to work for you

More about our guest experts:

Michael Benidt was a Regional Director for Waldenbooks, serving 25 years in the retail book industry. He finally escaped the corporate world to start his own computer training company, Golden Compass, because he felt that computer and Internet training did not focus on the practical and immediately useful benefits of technology. Mr. Benidt has also been a speaker for the Pryor/CareerTrack seminar company and an instructor for MicroCenter Education.

Not all experience is corporate. After raising a family, Sheryl Kay started her own training business, SK Enterprises. Sheryl has taught computer classes and tutored the most challenged students in our society — in senior communities, assisted living facilities and even Alzheimer’s homes. Even though she holds a Master’s in Education, that hasn’t stopped her from being able to take technical topics and make them understandable in her compassionate and supportive way. Her experience with Toastmasters has helped her make the move from the classroom to the seminar format (and back again) with ease.


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