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Uncommon Business Practices That Will Make You Re-Think, Re-Position, and Re-Tool Your Business and Possibly Bring You Gobs of Cash in the Process

Phillip Van HooserGuest Expert:

Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

Can you challenge the conventional wisdom and thrive? You bet! Phillip Van Hooser did.

Listen as he explains why

  • taking any speech for any fee on your topic will serve to raise your fees
  • negotiating fees can be a good thing
  • bigger (as in staff, offices and inventory) is not always better
  • creating products could be a really lousy idea
  • hiring a speech coach could hurt your performance, not help it
  • paying big bucks for product development is just plain crazy
  • letting clients go can get you more income
  • refusing referral fees can result in even more business
  • working with speakers bureaus might stunt your professional growth
  • missing family birthdays, dance recitals and ballgames may draw you closer to loved ones

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a contrarian, but you occasionally find that some common “wisdom” touted by speaking, training and consulting self-proclaimed “gurus” just doesn’t fit your personal business model. Maybe you want to grow your business, serve your clients better, get more repeat and referral business and sell more products, but you’re just not sure how to make it all happen. Maybe you want to rethink and retool your business practices, but you’re fearful of sacrificing where you are to get where you could be. If any of these statements ring true with you, our guest for this session helps you see a different perspective that might help you generate more passion, profits and personal satisfaction from your work.

Phillip Van Hooser has learned to challenge conventional wisdom while creating business practices that work for him, his clients, and his family. Hear the thinking that has resulted in his creating a thriving business, a solid bottom line, and healthy family relationships.

More about our guest expert:

Since 1988, Phillip Van Hooser MBA, CSP, CPAE has spoken, written and consulted on leadership and customer service issues worldwide. From his experience as a manager for FORTUNE 500 heavy manufacturing and consumer products companies, he knows the leadership methods that inspire employees to improve their performance and productivity.

Phil is also a successful business author whose expertise has been published in numerous trade journals and publications including Investors Business Daily. In his best-selling book, Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty, he uses his encounter with one very special cabdriver to illustrate a proven customer service model that builds customer loyalty and improves profitability even in the most difficult business environments.

Through his masterful storytelling, Phil’s audiences experience tried and true leadership and customer service lessons drawn from the real work world—ideas that can be quickly transferred to current circumstances to create immediate improvements.

A longtime member of the National Speakers Association, Phil has earned NSA’s Certified Speaking Professional designation and served on NSA’s board of directors. In 2006, Phil was inducted into NSA’s Council of Peers Award for Excellence Speaker Hall of Fame.


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