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How to Make Publishers Fall Madly in Love
with You and Your Idea

Wendy KellerGuest Expert:

Wendy Keller
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The Program:

You have a great book idea. But you’re having trouble getting an agent or publisher’s attention. What does it really take to get a book deal today?

Successful speakers already have one foot in the door of any publisher’s office. So how do you get both in, and a nice, fat contract in your hands? It’s more than just the power of positive thinking and a book full of clever acronyms. Literary agents (the publishing industry’s gatekeepers) don’t really sell content — they sell marketing plans. That means proving to the publisher that there’s a huge market of people starving for your content and that you are already reaching them at some level. To do this, getting some media coverage now — before the book is put up for sale — is crucial. Radio, print, television and Internet exposure are the real secrets of success in the publishing industry. This program delivers some of the fastest tricks, tips, techniques and solid strategies to get you into the media immediately.

You will learn:

  • how you must build your “platform” now so your proposal includes proof that you and your topic already have the public’s attention
  • how publishers think about authors with media experience vs. authors without, and how you can capitalize on your exposure
  • how to get on radio and TV right away — within 30 days of this session
  • how you can learn from how one blog got a pair of authors a $50,000 advance with a major publisher — in 4 days
  • how to get articles by or about you out there now

More about our guest expert:

Wendy Keller is a former award-winning print journalist and staff writer for PR Newswire. As a literary agent since 1989, she’s sold almost 550 book deals worldwide. Wendy’s newest company, Fame Finders, helps talented people develop and implement powerful, effective marketing strategies.


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