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Branding Ph.D.: The Secret to Becoming
the Top-of-Mind Expert on Your Topic
So Prospects, Media, and Publishers Call You!

Sam HornGuest Expert:

Sam Horn
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The Program:

When you hear “futurist,” who do you think of? What about “marketing expert,” “leadership guru,” “motivation authority” or “customer service specialist”? Would you like to be on the short list for your expertise?

What are you known for?

If you’re ready to be one-of-a-kind instead of one-of-many, you’re ready for this teleseminar.

There are hundreds of speakers, authors, consultants and trainers on the subjects of leadership, sales, motivation, customer service, conflict resolution and communication. What are you saying that’s different? What are you offering that hasn’t been heard before? How are you standing out in the crowd of “experts” on your topic?

Sam promises no platitudes — this is not Branding 101, this is Branding Ph.D.

You’ll learn:

  • the “Triple A Approach” for mining your experience to identify how and where you’re original
  • how to corner a niche by creating your own niche
  • the secret to coming up with a trademark-able brand that helps you build a business empire
  • how to create the Next New Thing by creating a Eureka Moment
  • Contra-Brand: the power of introducing something that flies in the face of current wisdom
  • to “ink it when you think it” so you tap into your “Intellition” (intelligence + intuition)
  • to capitalize on POP! Culture so you are perceived as current and contemporary

More about our guest expert:

Discover for yourself why Sam’s techniques have helped hundreds of infopreneurs catapult their career and income, and why her book on this topic POP! Stand Out in Any Crowd has been endorsed by Jeffrey Gitomer, Ken Blanchard, Mark Sanborn, Joe Calloway, and Seth Godin. As 4-time Pulitzer nominee Fawn Germer says, “You don’t have to be a creative genius to use Sam’s techniques; however, using her techniques can make you a creative genius.”


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