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Selling Back-of-the-Room
Without Being Thrown Off the Platform

Michael LeeGuest Expert:

Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP
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The Program:

Do you have products that just sit in your garage? You’re reticent to promote them without seeming smarmy. But you know they would be really useful to audience members, it’s okay with the client, and you want to introduce them. You want help now on how to do this in a way that feels comfortable and is effective.

Learn how to sell products from the back of the room without sounding like a commercial and even legally promote them during continuing education programs. Michael sells over $100,000/year of product from the back of the room at conventions, seminars and public programs. Learn how to develop and sell tons of products that fill your wallet — not your garage!

Just a few of the secrets revealed in this program include:

  • Quickly and easily developing product
  • Making money from the back of the room even without developing product
  • How to comfortably promote your products from the platform
  • Getting agreement from planners to let you promote your wares
  • Increasing product sales even when there’s an official onsite bookstore
  • Using products as income-generating marketing tools

More about our guest expert:

Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP, has been developing products and selling them back-of-the-room for over 20 years. He began by selling information on one piece of paper for $9.95 and now sells over $100K a year at his programs without resistance from attendees or sponsors. Michael is one of the highest-paid trainers in the country, who uses products to add value to his programs and get clients to book him for multiple-engagements, not just one seminar. He is the author of the book Black Belt Negotiating from AMACOM Books.


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