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Negotiating When Relationships Matter:
How to Keep Your Client Happy
Without Giving Away the Store

Bob GibsonGuest Expert:

Bob Gibson
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The Program:

It’s happened again. You’ve agreed to a speech (or training or consulting project) and after signing the contract, the client wants “just one little thing.” Which is going to take you hours. What to do? Ask for more money? Change the contract? Suck it up and say “no problem” in the name of superior customer service? This happens more frequently than you’d like, and you know you have options, but are not sure how to negotiate. You don’t mind throwing something in once in a while, but you’re beginning to feel taken advantage of.

Speakers, trainers and consultants live in a world of non-stop negotiating. Negotiation determines whether you get the work, how much you get paid for the work, and the quality of the client relationship. It is the primary tool to influence whether you a) have a project that stays in control, b) keep your sanity, c) walk away with any profit, and d) keep the goodwill (and business) of your client.

This session will be helpful to speakers/trainers/consultants who are:

  • with new clients whose business and goodwill you want to secure without feeling like you're being taken advantage of
  • in a situation where the gap between parties is great and there seems little hope
  • with existing on-going relationships
  • in highly sensitive or short-notice situations

You will learn:

  • How to position yourself for maximum results. (Positioning is a professional way to avoid conflict and stress over items like money, scope creep, and changing deadlines that occur during the course of a project. Most important, positioning is the key to negotiating effectively while maintaining relationships and integrity in the process.)
  • Where power comes from. How to get more of it. How to not be abused by another’s power.
  • How to respond to the main tactics used on consultants. (If you’re unaware of the games they’re playing — what they’ve been taught in negotiation courses! — you’re going to lose sleep, and it’s going to cost you money.)

More about our guest expert:

Bob Gibson is a negotiation strategist. He is masterful at teaching business people how to make deals work, while maintaining profitability and integrity in the process.

Bob has assured the business success of his clients since founding Negotiation Resources in 1987. In addition to negotiating for clients in the corporate arena, Bob advises and coaches middle- to senior-level executives and has trained tens of thousands of business people. Recognized by the media for his expertise, Bob has written articles and been featured in such publications as Selling Power, Sales and Marketing Management and Your Company, and been featured nationally on CNBC television.

His clients range from the financial community to manufacturing, from high-tech to biotech. They appreciate the clear perspective, the insight and business acumen Bob brings to both forging business agreements and his teaching. These abilities have made him an invaluable resource to corporations in the U.S. and around the world.


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