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Prospect Triage: Identifying and Separating
Those Who Are Great to Work With
From Those Who Aren’t

Jerry VieiraGuest Expert:

Jerry Vieira   (About Jerry)

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The Program:

You love it when clients are organized, cooperative, respectful, and results-oriented. You wish all of your clients were like that. But what if they’re not? How do you identify those who are likely to drag their feet making decisions, bury your requests for vital information, give only lip service to wanting to engage you, or string you along with “Yes, we want to do something; keep in touch” or “Send a detailed proposal for us to consider,” then implement your ideas in-house?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to identify tire kickers and wheel spinners from the start, so you could focus only on prospects who are serious? Or knew how to deal with those who are just tapping your brain without any intention of hiring you? Jerry Vieira will identify eight common client types, how to know whom you’re dealing with, and with whom to invest your time. You’ll learn to discern the unproductive types — the Stuck-in-the-Mud-People, Takers, Opportunists, Boss-Made-Me-Do-Its, and Don Quixotes. And you’ll learn how to gravitate toward those who really need and want to do something — the Terribly Troubled, Frustrated Drivers, and Sincerely-Growth-Oriented.

You will learn:

  • how to read the signs that tell you which of the eight buyer types you’re dealing with
  • details on each type’s approach to business and working their approach into your project/presentation
  • how to determine if someone is worth investing your time with
  • what early-warning signs to look for
  • diagnosing, confronting and overcoming barriers to project success

More about our guest expert:

Jerry Vieira is the president and founder of the QMP Group, Inc., a Portland-based management consulting firm that helps business-to-business companies rapidly turn underperforming divisions, product lines and service offerings into significant and reliable profit contributors.

In addition to guiding turnarounds and transformations for his client companies, Jerry frequently publishes articles on his theories and lectures throughout the US and in Europe, thereby energizing owners and managers to maximize their performance.

He has delivered QMP workshops, lectures and keynote addresses at numerous public and private venues, including the Stanford University’s Japan Trade Center, American Electronics Association Executive Forums, the Helsinki School for International Trade, and Price Waterhouse and KPMG hi-tech forums.