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Legal Issues Business Owners Must Know
to Protect Themselves

Cole SilverGuest Expert:

Cole Silver, JD
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You may be skating on thin ice, unaware of legal issues that can cause you much heartache, headache and “wallet-ache.” What do you need to put in client contracts to cover yourself? Are you vulnerable to a lawsuit but don’t know it? Are you declaring your part-time help “independent contractors” but then opening a huge liability for back payroll taxes, penalties and interest?

Have you wondered what you need to include in your contract to cover cancellations, date changes, missed engagements due to “acts of God,” and who owns the copyright to the work? Would you like to know how you can be more likely to prevent lawsuits? And what do you need to put in place so you don’t unknowingly hire someone who would be considered an employee rather than an independent contractor?

You will learn:

  • contractual provisions that you must include to protect yourself
  • items to consider including in your contracts with your clients and vendors
  • how to avoid being sued by employees, vendors, government, clients
  • how the government defines “independent contractor”
  • why an LLC may be the ideal way to set up your business

Note: Cole gives general concepts to consider, but you need to check with your legal counsel on specifics to your situation and locality.

More about our guest expert:

Cole Silver, JD, is the founder and owner of Cole Silver and Associates, LLC, a unique law firm that provides outsourced general counsel services to CEOs and business leaders. Cole is a senior-level executive with over 27 years of legal experience, having served as general counsel for several high-growth companies, including one of the most profitable banks in the U.S., a national life and credit insurance company, the largest commercial MasterCard issuer in the U.S., a Fortune 500 equipment finance company, and the third largest Internet banking payments company in the U.S.

Cole is also nationally known speaker, business advisor and trainer on legal, marketing and human capital issues. Cole has spoken for many organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Banking Institute, the New Jersey Technology Council, the American Corporate Counsel Association, and the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association. His speaking typically includes keynotes and workshops. Cole has spoken to more than 4,000 people around the U.S. who have attended his “live” seminars and have benefited from his authentic and engaging style.

Cole is actively involved in community affairs. He has served on many boards including the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Burlington County, the Samaritan Hospice Ethics Committee, and the Mercer College Paralegal Advisory Commission. He is also engaged in many pro bono activities.

About Cole

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