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Cut the Crap and PLAN to Make Money!

Linda KeithGuest Expert:

Linda Keith, CPA, CSP
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The Program:

Have you said any of these (to yourself or to others):

  • With the economy in a mess, it is too hard to plan my speaking/training/consulting business.
  • Just when I start hitting my goals, a big client disappears and I am right back where I started.
  • Clients are booking closer and closer; it is impossible to budget.
  • This business is feast or famine. I’m either sitting on my thumbs, or so booked I can’t market. How can I even this out?
  • I was setting aside money to update my Web site and WHAM, the tax preparer gave me the bad news.
  • Yes, I work weekends but I can’t seem to get ahead if I don't.
  • I want to hire staff but I can’t even pay myself enough!
  • Sure I’m well-paid, but if I don’t stop this crazy schedule I’ll lose my health and my family. Help!

Well, cut the crap. That’s right, Linda shares her insights and tips on how to increase your profits and get your life back. She explains how you can plan and budget, even in uncertain times. How you can reconcile your fee, the money you want in your life, and the time you have to work. . .and still have a personal life. If the three don’t work, how to tweak the model until it does. . .or recognize that your topic, your market, or your skills are not up to the task. If it really won’t work, don’t you need to know that? Soon?

You will learn:

  • why budget?
  • how to create a meaningful and realistic budget even when times are uncertain
  • how to factor in the unknowns of cancelled gigs, dropped contracts and economic crunches
  • what to do when we're dipping into recession
  • what is “concentration risk” and how to reduce it
  • how to even out the cash flow to survive the dips

More about our guest expert:

Linda Keith, CPA, CSP works with numbers all the time, her own and others. She provides on-site, open-enrollment and online training for bankers on tax return and financial statement analysis. She has a background in public accounting and training for business owners. And she personally uses the approach she’ll be sharing with us at least annually to be sure she is on track and to plan a better future for her business and her life.


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