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Promote Your Book, Business or Project
Via Your National Holiday

Michelle NicholsGuest Expert:

Michelle Nichols   (About Michelle)

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The Program:

Want to create an avalanche of PR for your book or project but don’t have the budget? Create a national holiday and design events supporting your holiday to get tons of press. You don’t have to be a non-profit to use the holiday to get corporate sponsors and donations. Michelle created a national holiday (it’s easy to do — she’ll tell you how). She then solicited and got publicity for the day — which corresponded to the launch of her book which tied into the holiday. Her results will blow you away and she’ll share how she did it. In seven months she got:

  • 135 digital billboards donated for the holiday — 33 in Los Angeles, and more in Chicago, Orlando, and Phoenix — for a total of 17 major cities.
  • 3 Major League Baseball stadiums to announce the holiday on their Jumbotrons during games.
  • 8 Gannett newspapers across the U.S. to run contests on her theme.
  • A prominent songwriter to create and donate a custom song.
  • A big event organized in Reno, Nevada to tie into her holiday theme.
  • Local realtors to do a 1000+ postcard mailing promoting the event, with an excerpt from her book and Web site.
  • The local Boys and Girls Club to offer a tie-in event and persuaded a local bank to buy and donate 200 copies of her book for it.
  • Media articles and interviews in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and Web sites.
  • Political certificates/recognition.
  • Blogged about by Carolyn Kepcher (of Donald Trump fame).

You will learn:

  • how to set up a national holiday
  • why using a national holiday for promotion of your project brings in far more press than just a press release
  • how to get sponsors to support your project
  • how to get non-profits involved for even more press and support
  • what to avoid
  • how to keep the momentum going

More about our guest expert:

Michelle Nichols was the “Savvy Selling” columnist for BusinessWeek.com for six years. She also recorded 45 podcasts for BusinessWeek, which distributed all of her work to 200,000 subscribers around the world.

Now she is the author of Hug Your Kids Today! 5 Key Lessons for Every Working Parent, founder of National Hug Your Kids Day and creator of the Hug Your Kids Today project. (Gee, notice a pattern?) She is a professional speaker, consultant and long-time salesperson.

Michelle Nichols provides keynotes, seminars and workshops to working parents in corporate and association audiences on work-life strategies. She is a member of NSA and the past chair of the sales experts for NSA.