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MitchellGuest Expert:

W Mitchell, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

In any economic climate, those who thrive are those whom customers think of instantly when they have a need. So how do you increase your memorability with your prospects and clients? What can you do to be top-of-mind when a need for your services arises?

Mitchell has mastered the art of memorability. He knows how to make his name and message stick even years after someone has seen him speak. He shares his techniques for thriving even in a tough economy. He annually speaks on five continents.

You will learn:

  • how you can become more memorable every time from meeting someone to giving a speech
  • how to make it easy for people to find you when they have a need
  • how you can stand out from the clutter of your competitors
  • ways you can ensure you’re getting better for each engagement
  • how to keep your finely tuned presentation fresh for yourself so it will have high audience impact
  • how to make an indelible impression even with foreign audiences

More about our guest expert:

Undefeated by a blazing motorcycle accident and a paralyzing plane crash, Mitchell learned to take responsibility for the countless changes in his life. Based on his real-life experiences and the remarkable achievements that followed his accidents, worldwide organizations now seek his insight and proven strategies.

When Mitchell speaks, no one goes away unaffected as he proves, beyond a doubt, that setbacks can be transformed into exciting new starting points. Overcoming impossible situations and successfully moving forward is Mitchell’s area of expertise. And, the proof that he is “the real deal” can be found in the remarkable achievements that followed his accidents.

Achievements include: founding chairman of a $65 million company, a two-term mayor and congressional nominee, a radio host and television personality, published author, Speakers Hall of Fame inductee who has spoken in over 30 countries, invited to the White House by five United States presidents, continues his love of piloting airplanes and outdoor activities, and currently serves as President of the International Federation For Professional Speakers.


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