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Bureau Basics and Beyond:
Developing Relationships with Speakers Bureaus

Kiela HineGuest Expert:

Kiela Hine, president of Convention Connection
(About Kiela)

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The Program:

Having as many people as possible market you makes good business sense. Or does it? How can you convince a speakers bureau to represent you? And what, exactly, does “represent” really mean? Will the bureau send a steady stream of business to you — or will it be an irregular trickle? Bureaus are inundated with speakers wanting to be booked, so how can you cultivate a positive relationship? And how do you know which bureaus are ethical, credible, and won’t leave you with unpaid travel expenses? Kiela covers all these issues and more. So if you’ve never worked with a bureau or want to work with bureaus more often, she’ll help you navigate the bureau waters.

You will learn:

  • how to get a bureau to represent you
  • what it means to have a bureau represent you
  • what you need to have before contacting a bureau
  • how to find and choose bureaus to approach
  • how to learn how they want to be contacted
  • why you should not balk at paying a materials review fee
  • the best ways to develop a relationship without being a pest
  • the difference between net fees vs. gross fees and the importance of fee consistency
  • realistic expectations of a bureau’s frequency of booking you

More about our guest expert:

Kiela Hine is the President of Convention Connection, a full-service speakers bureau and boutique speaker management firm based in Malibu, California. In business for more than 25 years and founded by motivational humorist Donny Conn, Convention Connection’s team of enthusiastic and sharp client executives books dates for associations and corporations looking for motivational speakers, comedians, teambuilding programs and more. Kiela has worked with Convention Connection clients for more than 17 years as a client specialist, planning private events for major corporations, education seminars for school groups, and meetings and presentations for major national associations. Widely respected in the speaker community for her firm’s continuing commitment to ethics and integrity in talent management, Kiela is also the treasurer of the International Association of Speakers Bureaus.


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