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Podcasting for Beginners:
Taking Your Audio Content to the Web

Ron PloofGuest Expert:

Ron Ploof
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The Program:

You have a message. You have a voice. You have a brand. You’ve heard that podcasting will help you reach potential new clients. But you’re not sure — will it? You’ve heard podcasting is easy, but you don’t know where to start. Do you need a script? How can you do simple edits? How do you get your podcast into iTunes for downloading? How do you market your podcasts, even if they are free? How do you build an audience who can’t wait to hear what you have to say? Can you get paid for downloads? Can you do it yourself, or do you need to hire a techie?

Ron will share what you need to get started. With simple tools like a microphone, free software and a Web site or blog you can begin producing your own podcast “show.”

You will learn:

  • If you are really sure you want to podcast
  • Equipment needed to begin podcasting
  • Considerations regarding the “show’s” format
  • If and how you should use music
  • Publishing on iTunes
  • How to make your podcast so interesting and compelling that people will want to subscribe
  • How to publicize your podcast

More about our guest expert:

Ron Ploof founded OC New Media, LLC to help businesses have better conversations with their customers through New Media technologies.

He is one of the “early-adopter” podcasters, having produced Griddlecakes Radio, a family-safe storytelling podcast since the fall of 2005. Critics have called Griddlecakes Radio one of the best produced “indie” podcasts, comparing Ron’s style with that of Garrison Keillor, Jean Shepherd, and Stan Freberg.

He has over 23 years in the high-tech electronics industry, most recently as New Media Evangelist, where he helped a $1.2 billion Fortune 1000 company adopt New Media technologies, successfully training 70 employees, launching eight blogs, producing audio programming, and working to integrate corporate video with traditional marketing and public relations vehicles.

Ron has been interviewed on local and national radio programs, podcasts, and has been quoted in national and trade publications.

He is presently working on his second book, designed to help B2B executives develop strategies for the adoption of New Media technologies.


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