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Chutzpah 101: How to Approach Top Dogs
to Sell Speeches, Sponsorships, and Products

Ron KarrGuest Expert:

Ron Karr, CSP
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The Program:

What if you knew how to get the attention of top decision makers? How to entice them to engage in conversation, then engage your services? Would your life — and bank account — be different if you could speak directly to those who hold the purse strings, versus going through lower-level gatekeepers?

Ron is an über-salesman. He knows how to get to decision makers through strategy, courage, persistence, creativity — and chutzpah! He’ll share techniques he’s used to get to Steve Forbes, Cathie Black (CEO of Hearst Publications), Tim Ferriss (bestselling author of The Four-Hour Work Week) and many more. He’ll discuss how to adapt what he’s done so you can apply it to your situations.

You will learn:

  • how to avoid the most common mistake that prevents speakers from reaching their targets
  • the proper etiquette for networking power brokers
  • the key to leveraging relationships
  • how to create an enticing value proposition for each top dog
  • how you can generate so much conviction that you can’t not make the call — you have absolute belief you can help him/her
  • how how to uncover your prospect’s hot buttons and wrap your offer around those
  • the best ways to get through to the top decision makers

More about our guest expert:

Ron Karr, CSP is president of Karr Associates, Inc., a business consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations and professionals generate remarkable sales and operational results with the The Titan Principle®. Karr Associates, Inc., helps companies design and implement positioning and sales strategies that accelerate both sales growth and overall profitability.

Ron Karr brings to the platform over 20 years of success speaking to hundreds of organizations throughout the world. His key areas of expertise include sales, negotiations, customer service and productivity. He has conducted seminars and keynote addresses before organizations of all sizes on three continents. His client list includes Hewlett Packard, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Met Life, Sprint, Marriott Hotels, UPS, Hertz, Agfa and Cognis Chemical, among others.

Ron is a national director and an active member of the National Speakers Association and is past president of its NY Tri-State Chapter.


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