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Michael LeeGuest Expert:

Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP
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We assume you’re already an industry expert in some field. However, your industry is hibernating, in a coma, or dead. You need to switch to a living, thriving, growing industry soon. No, make that NOW! But how do you do so without months (or years) of painstaking research and experience? Michael will show you.

Michael has successful swapped industries from a challenged one (real estate) to a more sustainable one (health care). He’s parlayed his expertise to the issues facing his new industry, while garnering “expert” status by strategic research and partnering. He shares his journey and give you specific ideas you can apply to your business.

You will learn how to:

  • determine evergreen, growing or thriving industries
  • decide if and how you can adapt your topic expertise to these industries
  • research the new industry’s challenges and jargon
  • utilize associations to establish your expert status
  • partner with industry subject matter experts to co-author articles, white papers and presentations
  • develop longer-term strategies (e.g., articles in key industry magazines, books, other products)

More about our guest expert:

Michael Soon Lee, CSP, was a recognized expert in the real estate and new home construction industries until they collapsed. Taking what he learned in 20 years in the speaking business he positioned himself as an expert in healthcare in less than a week. Michael shares the secrets of how to develop partnerships that can skyrocket your credibility and use associations to give you visibility as well as promote your seminars and products.

He is the author of eight business books and dozens of products many of which are sold by associations to their members. Michael’s clients include: the American Medical Association, the National Association of Court Reporters, The National Association of Music Merchants, the National Association of Realtors, the National Music Dealers Association, the National Association of Home Builders, the Credit Union Executives Society, Coca-Cola, Boeing, General Motors, and over a thousand others.


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