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David GlickmanGuest Expert:

David Glickman, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

All things being equal, the funnier speaker gets hired. Period. In today’s competitive speaking market, you cannot afford to be mildly amusing. You must be funny. Really, really funny. When people talk about you (behind your back — which is a good thing) you want them to say, “What an incredible speaker! Great content — and hilarious!”

Meeting planners are looking to get the biggest bang for their buck — they need their speaker to be both informative and entertaining. Let’s say the meeting planner has narrowed down their choice to five speakers — all of whom share the same expertise on the topic and all of whom have approximately the same fee. They will always choose the funniest one. Period. It’s very simple — be more funny, make more money.

You will learn:

  • How to add humor to even the most serious subjects
  • How to customize material for your specific audience (Because the more specific the humor, the more terrific the humor!)
  • How to increase your humor writing skills exponentially
  • What to do if your humor were to fall flat — and how to turn that into an advantage
  • How to use your humor as a strategy to increase bookings

More about our guest expert:

David Glickman, CSP, CPAE is the Chief Writer for FunnierSpeeches.com, a humor-writing service that “puts (funny) words in your mouth.” He has performed “humor punch-ups” for over 100 professional speakers and executives. In addition to his humor writing, David is also a professional speaker and comedian, having performed over 2000 programs since 1985. So you can rest assured he is not just dealing in theory — he continues to “put his funny where his mouth is.” Bestselling humor writer Dave Barry says: “Humor isn’t really that hard. There are things that work, and things that don’t work, and you can learn those things! David Glickman will teach you. And if you do what he says, you will be funny.”


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