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Someone Is Stealing Your Book, Idea, & Brand —
Protect Your IP Before It’s Too Late

Francine WardGuest Expert:

Francine Denise Ward, JD   (About Francine)

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The Program:

Do you ...

  • have staff or use contractors?
  • have product?
  • customize material for clients?
  • use agreements?
  • have logos or images specific to your business?
  • have a blog, Facebook page, YouTube video, use Twitter or other social media?

If you answered “yes,” you MUST attend this teleseminar, filled with strategies and tips for protecting your greatest asset — your Intellectual property (IP). If you thought you were protected, you may be mistaken. You don’t want to leave to chance guarding your best work or having someone else use it.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • common mistakes speakers, trainers and consultants make regarding protecting their IP
  • strategies for avoiding those mistakes
  • when to use a trademark vs. copyright
  • why you need a “work for hire” agreement with contractors and when never to sign one yourself
  • what you must never leave out of your agreements
  • what special legal issues are raised when using new media tools
  • what actions require an attorney, and what you can handle yourself

Please join Francine Denise Ward, Esq. for an informative and provocative session about how to protect your valuable intellectual property!

More about our guest expert:

A 1989 graduate of Georgetown University Law Center, Francine earned her undergraduate degree in 1986, from the City University of New York, Hunter College. She was first admitted to practice in New York in 1991, and is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a focus on copyrights, trademarks, Internet, and publishing law, she’s carved out a niche working with eCommerce entrepreneurs, information marketers, authors, and professional speakers.