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Shifting Your Business in a Down Economy

Joe CallowayGuest Expert:

Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

The recession has affected most industries and their meetings. You can get more bookings if you understand what business leaders expect out of their meetings. Even though keynotes are not as in-demand as they once were, there are still opportunities for your skills. You just need to know what clients want in this environment and how to couch what you can do to add to their events.

The name of the game today is being relevant to your clients. How can you best help them achieve their goals? It may or may not be a speech. Learn how to change the conversation. If you can get a seat at the “strategy” table — instead of just having a prospective client see your preview video — everything changes.

Joe has reinvented himself several times and is at it again. He went from a keynote speaker to a business expert having conversations with his audiences, to interviewing people on stage, to being hired to be the “thread” that keeps a corporate event on message, or sometimes being booked for an event and never doing one single speech. Come learn what Joe has done that will help you broaden your services.

You will learn:

  • What business leaders expect out of their meetings in this economy
  • Different opportunities to use your skills and talents for events
  • Creative ideas you can adapt to your business
  • How to avoid getting stuck doing what you’ve always been good at
  • How to get clients to think differently about what you can do for them

Caution: This is not a step-by-step session, but instead a discussion of what Joe has done that you might be able to adapt.

More about our guest expert:

Joe Calloway is a partner in Engage Consulting Group, which helps companies achieve their visions through aligning people and strategy. He is the author of the best-selling book Becoming a Category of One, and is a member of the NSA Speaker Hall of Fame. Joe’s other books include Indispensable: How to Become the Company That Your Customers Can’t Live Without, Work Like You’re Showing Off, and Never by Chance: Aligning People with Strategy through Intentional Leadership.

Joe lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Annette, and daughters Jessica and Cate.


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