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Creating Distinction in the Speaking Industry:
How to Make the Marketplace Irrelevant

Scott McKainGuest Expert:

Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE
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The Program:

What if you could find a way to make the fluctuations in the economy have a less-than-significant impact on your speaking business? What if there was a way that you could stand out and move up, even while others are facing difficult times? What does it take to differentiate yourself, so you become a “movie star” of speakers, rather than merely one of the pack?

We’ll look at the three “Destroyers of Differentiation” and the three levels of recognition and why you want to avoid the first two.

Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE has been studying what makes some professionals stand out — while others are adrift on a “sea of sameness.” He’ll take the findings from his new Amazon.com and 800-CEO-READ bestseller, Collapse of Distinction: Stand Out & Move Up While Your Competition Fails and apply it directly and specifically to speakers. Add this to the fact that Scott was the first speaker to center his business on using the entertainment industry as the metaphor for every profession — his “ALL Business is Show Business” dates back to the early-1980s! — and you will discover what it takes to attain a level of distinction beyond your current position.

You’ll learn:

  • the Three Destroyers of Differentiation — the dangerous elements common in every speaker’s business that pull you back to the undifferentiated pack like a magnet.
  • why Level One is the WORST place for any speaker to be — constant fee pressure, difficult clients, endless prospecting — and how to escape.
  • why Level Two is where many speakers settle — a lot better than lower; infinitely less rewarding than the top.
  • how Level One speakers transcend transaction and build lasting careers. Ever wonder why the same speakers are the “superstars” at NSA? Here’s the answer...
  • the four steps you MUST take — and take in a specific order — that will make you stand out and move up, even during a challenging economy and a difficult time in the meetings industry.
  • how to create a place for yourself at the absolute top of the profession!

More about our guest expert:

Scott McKain’s calling is business — but his passion is the platform. His unique presentations clearly demonstrate he brings something to the platform that isn’t often found in business speakers: personal experience in building and leading companies and dealing with customers and employees.

Capturing the ideas that formed one of America’s “fastest-growing companies” (according to a nationally-respected business publication), Scott has authored two bestselling business books. ALL Business is Show Business reached the #1 spot on Amazon.com’s list of business bestsellers and was released globally in several languages. What Customers REALLY Want is Scott’s personal bestselling work and received rave reviews and top charts rankings. Its groundbreaking examination of the “Six Major Disconnections between Customers and Organizations” has made a significant impact in the manner in which companies approach their client and prospect bases.

Scott has appeared on multiple occasions as a commentator and analyst on FOX News Channel. His platform presentations have run the gamut from the White House lawn with the President in the audience carried live on CNN and NBC’s “Today” show...to a remote outpost near the Amazon...all 50 states, seven Canadian provinces...and from Singapore to Sweden...Mexico to Morocco.


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