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Why the Internet Is Better for Your Career
Than Book Tours with Traditional Media

Barbara SherGuest Expert:

Barbara Sher   (About Barbara)

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The Program:

Barbara Sher has crafted a fabulous career. She’s written bestselling books, created popular TV specials, is an in-demand speaker, and hosts retreats in exotic locations. How has she done this? And what can you learn from her that you can adapt to your career?

Barbara will share how she’s garnered publicity to propel her career. She’ll discuss her strategies for using YouTube and Twitter to organize and publicize her retreats. She’ll give details on other clever ways to use the internet to get out information. This is a rare look behind the scenes of one of the busiest speakers and authors in the country.

You will learn how to:

  • use your books’ popularity to create a fan base
  • go beyond traditional TV to get your brand known
  • use new media (e.g., Twitter, YouTube) to communicate with your fans and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.
  • drive registrants to your retreats and other public programs

More about our guest expert:

Barbara Sher is a business owner, career counselor, and best-selling author of seven books, each of which provides a down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts method for uncovering natural talent, pinpointing goals and turning dreams into reality. She has often been named the “godmother of life coaching” by the media and her many fans. Barbara has presented seminars and workshops throughout the world to universities, professional organizations, Fortune 100 corporations, and federal and state government agencies. She has been called “a standup comic with a message” and “the best speaker we have ever seen” in evaluations. Joining forces with public television, she has also created five hour-long special programs that continue to air in cities around the U.S.

Much of the year Barbara travels throughout the world giving workshops and week-long retreats for “Scanners” — people who have so many interests they’re unable to choose only one.

She has received many awards and an honorary PhD; she has appeared on local and national radio and television shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, the Today Show, 60 Minutes and Good Morning America, and has had feature articles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and many other newspapers and magazines. She was a Life Coach columnist for Real Simple Magazine. And Barbara periodically teaches seminars at the Smithsonian Institute, Harvard University and New York University.

See a video of Barbara.