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Creating Fresh Content
from Your Audiences’ Knowledge,
Stories, and Questions

Tim SandersGuest Expert:

Tim Sanders
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The Program:

Your audiences possess a wealth of information. If you know how to mine it, you’ll have an unending stream of useful stories and insights to incorporate into your presentations and products. Bureaus, clients, and the media will see you as cutting-edge, really understanding your audiences’ situations and needs.

The reason you need to hone your audience content production strategy is because it’s the only way to sustain your ability to produce content for books, sessions, and keynotes. With new tools from email to social media, it’s easier than ever to create a non-stop flow of signature stories, real-world feedback, and powerful insights.

Tim has honed his audience-content capturing techniques and shares how you can use your talks, blogs, tweets, and other vehicles to uncover what your audiences and target market know and want to know.

You will learn:

  • The right and wrong ways to query your audiences
  • How to easily solicit their questions and examples, as well as permission to use their thoughts
  • How to entice them to interact
  • How to build relationships that will encourage them to share more
  • How to wade through an avalanche of responses to discover the golden nuggets and trends

More about our guest expert:

Tim Sanders is a highly successful professional speaker, featured in MPI’s One+ and Successful Meetings magazines. He was a finalist for Top Speaker in the 2008 annual poll hosted by American Entertainment Magazine. He’s a New York Times and global best-selling author. Prior to being a speaker and author, he served as Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo.


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