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Seating Strategies to Engage
and Involve Your Audience...
and Boost Back-of-Room Sales

Paul RaddeGuest Expert:

Paul O. Radde, PhD
(About Paul)

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The Program:

Your normally well-received presentation isn’t going so well. You are used to people laughing, nodding, and being engaged, but this room is set with rounds of 8 and people’s backs are to you. And the last row is so far back you can’t see their eyes. Or maybe you’re a light-hearted speaker and the rigid straight-across rows don’t allow anyone to see each other, which you know is critical for humor.

What is the right setup for your presentation? How do you specify and educate meeting planners to set the room to get more engagement from the audience? Are there better designs to give the planner and the hotel staff? How can the seating setup affect back-of-the-room sales?

You will learn how to:

  • use state-of-the-art seating arrangements to optimize the learning environment, and increase capacity and back-of-the-room sales!
  • improve line of sight, comfort, safety, access, audience responsiveness, and networking.
  • utilize 4 state-of-the-art seating principles to design, set, or troubleshoot any meeting room.
  • put into action 3 tips on design, A/V, traffic flow, noise, and lighting to fine-tune the room.
  • accommodate last-minute registrations and ADA requirements.

More about our guest expert:

Dr. Paul O. Radde has been pioneering innovative room setups since 1982, when he served as logistics chair for the National Speakers Association annual meeting. Since then Paul has written for meeting industry magazines, presented to industry associations, and written the Convention Industry Council 6th Edition chapter on “Event Room Setup,” setting the national standard for the industry. Paul also presented at a NSA Platform Skills weekend in Phoenix. Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, says, “Paul has a black belt in room setup.” Paul published the definitive book on room setup, Seating Matters: State of the Art Seating Arrangements, in October 2009.

Paul is a practicing positive psychologist, author, OD consultant, and professional speaker. The founder of Thrival Systems® and Thrival Presentations in Longmont, Colorado, he serves as a “transformational path lighter” with his work on the “Thrival” state, and presentations including “YEA! You’re Enough Already!”


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