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The Psychology of Writing Bestselling Books

Clarissa Pinkola EstesGuest Expert:

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD
(About Dr. E)

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The Program:

We all want to write a bestselling book, yet few of us have. Every aspiring author wants to know the recipe for the secret sauce that gets their name on that coveted New York Times bestseller list. The first time is the hardest. So how can you create a book that has the right stuff? What do those who have accomplished that feat do differently from those whose books languish? How do they think and write differently?

You will learn:

  • the three secrets for reaching others
  • what it means to have an idea, versus having a calling
  • how to avoid being like most people, who have at least one unfinished manuscript
  • how to remain sane and heartful
  • how to be your own best editor

More about our guest expert:

Dr. E is a bestselling author (145 weeks New York Times bestseller list, published in 37 languages worldwide), poet, activist, and post-trauma specialist. She is perhaps best known for Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype.

She is deputy managing editor and columnist writing on politics, spirituality and culture at the political newsblog The Moderate Voice, and has also written online with Newsweek magazine.

An archive of her columns on culture, social justice, and spirituality can be found at National Catholic Reporter online, under her work called El Rio Debajo Del Rio, “The River Beneath the River.”


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