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Unforgettable Presentations:
Using Prezi to Create Stand-Out Speeches

Angelie AgarwalGuest Expert:

Angelie Agarwal
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The Program:

At conferences, conventions and management/sales meetings, speaker after speaker shows PowerPoint or Keynote slides to illustrate their points. No matter how beautiful the backgrounds or images, they are pretty much same old/same old. Even the professional speakers’ visuals don’t stand out that much from the rest.

But there’s a new presentation tool in town, and it’s blowing away the tried-and-true old slides. In fact, it’s a favorite tool of TED presenters who have entranced their audiences.

What is it? It’s Prezi — a new tool for creating presentation visuals that can lead you to a whole new way of thinking about your talks. It can help create better narratives and more persuasive presentations — what every professional presenter craves.

Angelie Agarwal, chief evangelist for Prezi, shows us how to integrate this new tool into our presentations to stand out from the other speakers on the program — or our competition. This special webinar discusses how professional speakers, trainers and consultants can use this tool to create truly unforgettable presentations.

You will learn:

  • how Prezi is very different from digital slide programs
  • how you can use this tool to cement your uniqueness
  • how Prezi helps you become a more persuasive presenter
  • how to get started with the basics
  • tips and tricks for advanced speakers on presenting in Prezi

Special note: Angelie starts with the basics of what Prezi does and how to create one, then goes into more information on how professional presenters can use the tool.

More about our guest expert:

Angelie Agarwal, Chief Evangelist: with a background in engineering and passion for communication, Angelie found a niche at Prezi. In learning about Prezi and how it caters to presenters and audiences, she has learned the secrets of the most persuasive presenters in the world.


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