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Let Me Illustrate My Point:
Illuminating Your Presentations
with Simple Drawings

Mike ArtellGuest Expert:

Mike Artell
(About Mike)

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The Program:

Even if you’re severely artistically challenged, you can add content and excitement to your presentations by creating wonderful, memorable cartoons in real time. Anyone can do it, and Mike will show you how.

Mike drawing

Why create your own cartoons instead of using clip art? Because you can make them appear as your audience watches. You can customize them specifically to your audience’s industry or application and you can draw them in response to audience input and feedback. You will stand out as not showing overused “bean people” or other clip art some audiences consider hokey. The result: an audience that is engaged, informed and entertained.

Mike will walk you through some simple images and have you draw along with him real time. He’ll show you easy-to-draw people (not stick figures) and how to adjust their facial expressions to match the emotion you want to convey. You’ll draw as he demonstrates, so you walk away with new tools to integrate your drawings into keynotes, trainings, facilitations, and even webinars.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • visually represent concepts such as leadership, customer focus, diversity and empowerment
  • integrate industry jargon, keywords, and cliches to make your points visually
  • use visual humor to surprise and delight your audiences
  • apply these cartoons to sales, marketing, production, HR, customer service, finance
  • enhance your audience’s problem-solving skills by helping them change perspective — literally!
  • draw simple cartoons to help people/groups communicate better with each other
  • utilize these techniques to break down rigid thinking and bad assumptions
  • access a $100 tool for you to draw on your PowerPoint slides

More about our guest expert:

Mike Artell has written/illustrated more than 35 books for children, parents and teachers, hosted his own TV cartooning show, been a standup comic and professional musician, written/performed on an award-winning CD of children’s music and repossessed cars (“I was young...I needed the money”). In addition to his success as an author/illustrator, Mike has a deep background in sales and marketing and has served on the board of two small technology companies, and has been a consultant for major organizations including Texas Instruments. Mike is a popular platform speaker who regularly speaks to business, healthcare and educational organizations about how to think more creatively, communicate more clearly, and apply these skills with the goal of improved group performance and deeper personal success.


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