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Slide:ology — Lessons from an
Academy Award-Winning Slide Strategist

Nancy DuarteGuest Expert:

Nancy Duarte
(About Nancy)

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The Program:

Why did Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” win an Academy Award? It was, in large part, how the information was illustrated that made it impactful. Nancy Duarte’s firm created those visuals. She shares how to adapt what worked for an Oscar-winning documentary to your presentations.

You have worked hard to prepare for your next presentation. You’re well-rehearsed and your concepts are brilliant. But maybe you should step back and take one last long look at your slides, because an audience can either listen to what you’re saying or read your slides — not both. Do you know if your visuals are overwhelming with too much information or do they help cement your concepts? Do you know the signal-to-noise ratio of your slides? Slides are supposed to clarify or amplify the message. Instead, they’re often a crutch for the presenter to remember what to say. Learn how to break that behavior and create slides that bring meaning instead of distraction.

You will learn:

  • How to create visuals that support your brilliance, not detract
  • Why you have to understand the difference between a document and a slide
  • How thinking like a designer will make your presentation memorable
  • How to determine your signal-to-noise ratio and reduce the noise
  • How to get your ideas to stand out!

More about our guest expert:

Nancy Duarte is the CEO of Duarte Design, the only agency in the world focused solely on presentations — whether they are delivered in person, online, or via devices. For more than 20 years she has shaped the perception of the world’s leading brands and thought leaders. She is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, slide:ology — The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations where her experience was distilled into best practices for visual business communicators. She continues to advance new forms of presentation through partnerships with innovative forums like TED and Pop!Tech. She serves as a TED Fellows committee member, is a 2009 Woman of Influence, and 2008 Communicator of the Year. Nancy’s newest book, Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences, will be released in October, and in it she aims to uncover the mystery of persuasion, give you a process to develop focused content, and inspire you to transform your audience.

Since 1988, Nancy’s firm has created over a quarter of a million presentations. As one of the largest woman-owned businesses in Silicon Valley, her experience working with global companies and thought leaders has influenced the perception of some of the world’s most valuable brands and many of humanity’s common causes: Apple, Cisco, Food Network, Facebook, GE, Google, Al Gore, HP, Nokia, TED, Twitter and World Bank.


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