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How to Create an
Extraordinarily Effective Speech-Marketing Tool:
Your Own Self-Selling Book or Booklet

Gordon BurgettGuest Expert:

Gordon Burgett   (About Gordon)

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The Program:

To regularly earn many thousands of dollars from speeches or seminars, invest a few hundred dollars now — once — and create a surefire selling tool that you can send to every booker in your universe. Build a book or booklet from something you uniquely know — solve a gnarly problem, retool a case study, explain a process that works — so the booker sees your brilliance, wit, and special insight and can hire you for a related presentation you want to give!

Best yet, you needn’t pay a penny to publish your gem in either bound or digital format, and it can be yours in minutes or days. It can also be an income source forever!

Gordon explains the step-by-step process in this teleseminar and accompanying workbook. He also includes two digital examples (of a dozen such tools he has successfully used in the past 25 years) that you can download to get started.

You will learn:

  • how to strategize your speech-marketing campaign, and what singular tool will distinguish you from others seeking that booking
  • the contact letter, flyer, and “kit” components you will have digitally accessible to accompany your new speech-marketing book or booklet
  • what the new tool must do to positively persuade the programmer that you are the person to pick, and to whom it should be sent for maximum effectiveness
  • where you can send the tool to get it published free and fast, looking the way you want, both bound and digitally downloadable!
  • how you can later (or simultaneously) re-publish that core book or booklet in-house as often as you wish without rights problems or ISBN issues

More about our guest expert:

Gordon Burgett has offered 2,000+ paid spoken presentations, and currently speaks nationwide about three topics: “How to Publish Your Own Book in 30 Days or Less,” “Niche Publishing,” and “How to Plan a Great Second Life.” His newest published book, of 39, is How to Get Your Book Published Free in Minutes and Marketed Worldwide in Days. Gordon has published 1,700+ articles and been a member of NSA, IBPA, and ASJA for more than 25 years. He also has a free monthly newsletter and a blog about publishing, writing, speaking, and empire-building.