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21 No-Nonsense Book Marketing Ideas
That Won’t Break the Bank

Elaine DumlerGuest Expert:

Elaine Dumler
(About Elaine)

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The investment you made in writing your book or creating your product can come back to you many, many times over through non-traditional marketing avenues. Profit from specialty and niche markets you may not have even considered for product sales. Most of these marketing techniques work for both self-published works and those produced through traditional publishers. It doesn’t matter!

You’ll get the 21 best, cheapest and quickest marketing ideas that helped Elaine sell over 80,000 self-published books. Elaine is the first to say that if she can do it, anyone can do it! She has learned everything “from scratch” and passes along what worked so you can shorten your learning curve.

You will learn:

  • how to sell in case lots to the markets in which you specialize.
  • how to analyze the buying patterns of your specific markets to know exactly when to promote to them.
  • a technique to pre-sell to every audience member, and even sell to people who don’t want your book by creating a new need or a new market to sell to!
  • how to analyze your niche to sell books/products in large quantities at a time.
  • ideas that are easy to understand, simple to implement and cost-effective.

Plus: You’ll receive a complete downloadable list of the resources used for all ideas in the session, including photos of some of the marketing pieces demonstrated.

More about our guest expert:

Focusing on bringing her message and methods of family unity to military families, Elaine Dumler’s media coverage includes features in 86 publications (6 in foreign languages), over 25 TV appearances (including MSNBC, FOX News and Montel), and 40 radio programs to talk about the importance of keeping family ties stronger than ever and the connection strategies most effective in doing so. She has been presented with 22 “Military Challenge Coins,” including President George W. Bush’s Commander in Chief coin. Elaine presents readiness trainings on military installations, at family programs, conferences, and Yellow Ribbon briefings throughout the country with one goal in mind: to make sure that every American deployed or on temporary assignment in the service of their country has the means available to be in the closest contact possible with their loved ones left behind.


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