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How to REALLY Use LinkedIn
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Jan VermeirenGuest Expert:

Jan Vermeiren
(About Jan)

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The Program:

More than 102 million people have a profile on LinkedIn, but the majority don’t know what to do after that. They create a personal profile and then think customers will magically show up. They then become frustrated when that doesn’t happen and complain that LinkedIn doesn’t work.

Are you one of those who either hasn’t posted a LinkedIn profile, or has posted one and that’s about it? Would you like to know how to use this tool to find and connect with good-quality prospects? People who are actually interested in engaging someone like you? Would you like to expand your connections to people beyond your colleagues?

In this webinar, Jan shows you how to use LinkedIn to find your target buyer. He shares the techniques he uses to get himself more bookings as a speaker.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The biggest mistake people make when using LinkedIn
  • Why most people ask themselves what to do with LinkedIn
  • The 5-step strategy to be successful on LinkedIn
  • The 3 most important fundamental principles that will make or break your success on LinkedIn
  • The 5 most important ways to find customers via LinkedIn
  • The one tool outside of LinkedIn that is crucial to get results
  • What to use LinkedIn for and what NOT to use LinkedIn for
  • 7 tips for an attractive LinkedIn Profile, including how to set up your personal LinkedIn Profile as a lead-generating tool
  • 3 tips for a compelling company profile that will attract more leads

Bonus: All webinar registrants and recording purchasers can receive the “light” version of Jan’s eBook How to REALLY Use LinkedIn.

More about our guest expert:

Jan Vermeiren is the founder of Networking Coach and Europe’s foremost expert when it comes to networking and referrals, and the author of the international bestsellers Let’s Connect and How to REALLY Use LinkedIn.

Jan and his team are hired by large international companies like Alcatel, Deloitte, DuPont, IBM, ING, Mobistar, Nike, SAP and Sun Microsystems as well as by small companies and freelancers.

Jan is also a guest lecturer in the international MBA programs of Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School (Belgium) and RSM Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands).

Last, but not least: the Networking Coach team has been selected by LinkedIn to develop their worldwide classroom training programs and is the first worldwide certified LinkedIn training partner for their LinkedIn Live sessions.


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