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Tell Powerful Stories with Pictures:
A National Geographic Photographer
Shares Tips for Speakers

Dick DurranceGuest Expert:

Dick Durrance
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The old adage is true: the right image instantly communicates much more than 1000 words. As a wordsmith, you carefully choose the right word to express your thoughts. In the same way, you want the images you use in your presentations, blogs, websites, ezines, and other materials to perfectly complement your words.

The photos need to be *great* to accompany your stories and points—not just snapshots. You want images that enthrall your audience. Pictures you take yourself can be exactly what helps express your unique point or story, if they are done well.

However, you’re not a professional photographer. You need simple techniques to take excellent photos, without lugging around a heavy, expensive camera, full-sized tripod, and other burdensome equipment. You need to know how to take a great picture that doesn’t involve endless messing with F-stops and other technical issues. Fortunately, today’s digital cameras now take care of what used to be technical challenges.

Dick Durrance, professional speaker and former National Geographic staff photographer, shows you how to harness the power of the graphic elements in your pictures—light, line, shape, color, and texture—to better tell the story you are trying to share with your audiences without having to rely on sophisticated technical skills.

To illustrate his points, Dick uses more than 75 pictures created for National Geographic assignments, global advertising campaigns, the world’s great golf courses, and the national parks. He shows you how to better create or select photographs for your use.

Hall of Fame speaker Ian Percy once wrote, “When your life flashes before your eyes, it’s pictures not words that flash by. Our life stories are always told in pictures.”

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Be clear in your mind on the story you’re trying to tell in the picture. You will see how to frame, crop, and use the basic graphic elements in the picture to lead the viewer’s eye to the most important point you are trying to make with the picture.
  • Select the light (sunrise, bright midday, foggy, dusk, shadows) you need to set the tone for your picture
  • Use color to evoke emotion and texture to add depth to a picture
  • Shift the angle or perspective to create a much more dramatic and intriguing image
  • Compose pictures that contain all of the elements that are essential to your story
  • Be aware of what shapes draw one’s eye into the image

More about our guest expert:

Dick Durrance is the only photographer ever named by his peers as their Magazine Photographer of the Year and Advertising Photographer of the Year.

Lon Atkinson, Program Chair for the American Society of Media Photographers Leadership Conference, said of his presentation: “Your remarkable story and beautiful images inspire us to look with fresh eyes at all that is surrounding us, to stretch ourselves, and to try and reach for those images that come our way.”


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