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Selling Your Books by the Truckload

Vickie MullinsTed RogersGuest Expert:

Ted Rogers and
Vickie Mullins
(About Ted and Vickie)

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The Program:

Are you looking to sell more books? A lot more books?

By aligning your book’s message with corporations, associations and not-for-profits, your book can be used for brand loyalty programs, product introductions, consumer appreciation campaigns ... the list of uses is almost endless! Special Market Sales Campaigns can produce amazing results, sales numbers and profits for you and your book!

You will learn:

  • which types of books are good candidates for Special Market Sales (SMS)
  • the steps for setting up an SMS campaign
  • which types of organizations would be interested in SMS campaigns
  • how to find the right contacts within an organization to discuss the potentials of a SMS campaign
  • what are some of the potential pitfalls and problems for the author or publishers with SMS campaigns

More about our guest experts:

Ted Rogers and Vickie Mullins are the founders of Perfect Bound Marketing and have personally created Special Market Sales campaigns where their books sell by the truckload — with orders of 10,000 and even 100,000 books, with money up front and no returns. They’ve done it, and on this SpeakerNet News teleseminar they’ll show you how you can do it, too!

Ted Rogers signed his first Special Market Sales campaign contract for more than 100,000 copies of his bestselling book “Fit & Fast” lifestyle series in 1993. That was the inspiration for the creation of his concept “Selling Your Books by the Truckload.” Ted has researched and refined the strategic sales process for creating massive book sales while allowing authors to retain higher margins of profits. Since 1995 he has been coaching and mentoring authors and publishers in implementing creative marketing campaigns for their book titles.

Vickie Mullins is the founder of Mullins Creative, Inc., a boutique graphic design firm that’s been creating book covers and interiors since 1991. Since 2005 Vickie has created her series of “I Want You to Know Me” books, which currently numbers eight titles. She soon discovered the strategies and potential sale power of Special Market Sales and has been selling her books by the thousands with creative Special Market Sales campaigns of her own.


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