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Speak So Every Audience Understands:
How Your Language Makes (or Breaks)
Your Presentation

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Heather Hansen
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They are everywhere. But you probably don’t even know it.

Who? Audience members who don’t understand what you’re saying. They may be professionals, but English is their second language. Or maybe they are native-English speakers but can’t discern some of your words because of your enunciation or accent—or their hearing loss.

In order to connect with our audiences, it’s critical that our listeners can understand what we’re saying. As professionals, we know the common pitfalls—speaking too fast or using uncommon jargon—but what about the way we articulate our words and sentences?

Are there ways to ensure that mixed-language audiences can understand us better? Is there a certain accent or way of speaking that is easier to understand than others? If we change our speech, can we still be authentic?

In this unique teleseminar, speech and language specialist Heather Hansen shares the secrets to being understood by everyone, everywhere, every time you speak in English. Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, speaking in English-speaking countries or abroad, these tips are absolutely critical to your speaking success.

You will learn:

  • Common problem areas in English speech and how to fix them
  • The 3 things you must do correctly to be understood by everyone
  • How to adapt your speech for different non-native-English audiences
  • How to be clear AND authentic
  • Why even native English speakers need to pay attention to their speech

More about our guest expert:

American-born Heather Hansen, member of the Global Speaker’s Federation and Professional Member of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore, is a speech, language and communication expert, specializing in International English pronunciation. She is founder of Singapore-based Hansen Communication Lab Pte Ltd, a corporate training firm helping top professionals speak more clearly, correctly and confidently in English. Her most recent project has been the development of an online learning portal for international pronunciation: English Pronunciation Lab.

Find out more about Heather at HansenCommLab.com and sign up for the free, 8-part Pronunciation Short Course at EnglishPronunciationCourse.com

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