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Kathy Fediw
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Are you tired of not knowing if you’ll make enough money each month to cover your expenses, let alone pay yourself? Do you need to substantially increase your visibility in your marketplace and cement relationships with associations, industry leaders, referral sources and potential clients? Do you want to turn your marketing expenses from a stream of dollars draining out of your wallet into a river of dollars flowing into your bank account?

Publishing an online page-turning magazine can do just that—and more!

You’ll hear how to create and publish a monthly online magazine, complete with paid advertisers and original free articles by other writers. Kathy shares how to increase your visibility, position you as the leading expert in your field, and provide you with monthly recurring revenue, all on a shoe-string budget. No matter if your email subscriber list is 500 or 5 million you can make money with a page-turning online magazine!

Kathy’s monthly magazine tripled her exposure and email subscribers list in just 18 months and substantially increased her revenue from consulting and speaking engagements. The magazine now brings in a whopping 1/4 to 1/3 of her monthly revenue, all with very little cost or effort. While her training and consulting buddies are nervously looking at an empty calendar, Kathy is depositing money in the bank each and every month.

In this teleseminar you’ll learn how to:

  • find paying advertisers for your magazine and set your advertising fees and develop a media kit
  • increase your subscribers list dramatically in just a few months
  • get business from the very trade associations you want to work for and leverage your relationships with them for additional business
  • enlist other writers at no cost to you
  • transform your current newsletter through content, graphics, and a layout that looks professional
  • bring in additional income from new product listings, award contests, surveys, and other features

More about our guest expert:

Kathy Fediw, LEED AP ID+C, CLP, CLT is an internationally-known consultant, author and speaker with over 30 years’ experience. Kathy is the editor and publisher of I-Plants monthly online magazine which provides up-to-date information on trends, sales, marketing, and management for the horticulture industry. She has been a trade journal columnist for over 30 years and frequently speaks at conferences across the US, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. Her online customers are located all over the globe, including Europe, Great Britain and the Caribbean islands.

Her company, Johnson Fediw Associates, provides consulting services, training workshops, online courses and other educational resources. She is the developer of the Green Earth—Green Plants® certification program for eco-friendly horticulture businesses, products, and projects, and is a frequent speaker on the LEED green building program.

Kathy is the author of the a number of books, training manuals, videotapes, and online courses on pricing, sales and marketing, management, and eco-friendly practices for the horticulture industry. She has been in business for herself for the past 10 years and lives in the Houston area.

Workshops and private coaching on Creating Rivers of Revenue™ are available for speakers, consultants, trainers and coaches. Workshops include how to publish an online magazine; write articles for pay; self-publish manuals and books; convert live workshops into online courses; develop certification programs; copyrights and trademarks, and more.


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