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Choose a Business Model That Scales:
Take Your Work to a Global Audience

Ron KaufmanGuest Expert:

Ron Kaufman
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The Program:

Your ideas would benefit hundreds of thousands—or even millions—of people around the world. How could you make that work? You have a very small team—maybe only you.

So how do you scale your business to serve many more people globally? What are the critical decisions you must make along the way? What can you outsource? Would you hire others to deliver your information, train internal trainers, make a self-study program, or what?

Ron has gone through these issues as he built his world-wide brand. He walks you through some of the decision points along the way and explores the ramifications of your choices.

You will learn:

  • When you should think about when adding services that scale
  • How to create products that corporate clients want to buy over and over for long-term revenue
  • When to add staff and when to outsource
  • What are critical decision points and their ramifications
  • How to create a business model that supports your long-term goals and lifestyle

More about our guest expert:

Ron Kaufman has been an NSA member since the 1980s, and has been living in Singapore since 1990. He was named one of the top “25 Who’s Hot” by Speaker Magazine in 2009. He has built a global keynote business, published books and products, and created a business that delivers his “UP! Your Service” courseware into client organizations in 14 languages and in every major industry around the world.


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