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Build a Big Following in a Small Niche

Rob ShoreGuest Expert:

Rob Shore
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The Program:

You’ve heard it before—to be successful you have to find and market to a niche. It’s worked for lots of folks. You’ve tried it, but not been that successful.

So what does it take to make it work? What refinements and tweaks to conventional practices will make your efforts pay off much bigger? And how can you keep up with myriad revenue-producing activities with little help?

The magic is in the mix. No one thing is the panacea. But the alchemy works when many activities come together to create revenue.

Rob has focused on a micro-niche: financial services wholesalers. After a 30-year corporate career, he’s become the go-to professional services provider after only 3 years. He shares how he’s created a healthy income from a multitude of services to benefit his market. He owns or manages 3 LinkedIn groups with a total of 16,000 members, emails weekly to 10,000+ wholesaling professionals and their senior leaders, has created a client-paid podcast service, runs paid-member mastermind groups, provides individual coaching, blogs regularly, speaks and trains.

You will learn how to:

  • start a subscriber-paid magazine
  • run paid mastermind groups
  • use LinkedIn to build a community who wants to hear from you
  • earn performance bonuses from coaching clients
  • get paid for private-label podcasts

More about our guest expert:

For the 30 years Rob Shore was in corporate America, making his way from a bank teller to president of a financial services distributor, he longed to leave that world behind and strike out as a speaker. In February 2008 he did just that—and ran into fiscal buzz saw that was (is?) The Great Recession. As his community—financial services—took their checkbooks and ran for cover, Rob knew he had to shift his business and focus still further.

Now—as publisher of “I Carry the Bag” magazine, sole content creator at WholesalerMasterminds.com, and the voice of Wholesaler Masterminds Radio—Rob is the de facto source of coaching services, business-building posts, teleclasses, and live events for the wholesaling community in the U.S. and Canada. He is a frequent speaker at distribution company sales meetings and for the various industry trade meetings. He is also called upon to contribute to the industry’s trade press.


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