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Barry BantherGuest Expert:

Barry Banther CMC, CSP
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Barry provided a detailed handout with the grid of his product and service offerings. When you purchase the recording, we will email you a link for downloading the handout.

The Program:

To successfully monetize your expertise across multiple platforms, you must become obsessed with three things, and put much less attention on three others. With razor-sharp focus on the key areas, you’ll articulate your value to your clients and then be able to sell much more beyond your presentation.

What else can you sell besides a speech or training? Barry shares 30 types of products/services that he’s successfully sold to his clients, often with ongoing revenue streams. In fact, you’ll receive his grid listing all these which he uses to upsell appropriate tools to his clients.

You will learn:

  • The three critical areas to focus to leverage maximum benefit for you and your clients
  • The three areas on which to spend much less time
  • 30 ways you can deliver your expertise for client value and healthy revenue
  • When and how to suggest additional products/services for the best success
  • Rules of thumb for pricing various products/services

More about our guest expert:

Barry Banther CMC, CSP is President and CEO of Banther Consulting and Banther Family Advisors. He is a widely sought-after business strategist and trusted advisor. Barry served in the administration of three Florida governors as their appointee overseeing private higher education, and was elected to an unprecedented four terms as chairman of the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities.

His clients include Fortune 100 companies like Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Rockwell International, as well as mid-size to large regional businesses throughout America. Barry has written over 50 leadership-training programs, within which he combines three decades of experience as a business leader, corporate executive, and public servant to help people become “Lasting Leaders” as they develop their team and grow their business.


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