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Be a Media Star: Must-Know Tips
Before Opening Your Mouth to a Reporter

Gerard BraudGuest Expert:

Gerard Braud
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The Program:

You’ve secured a media interview. Great! Now, how do you maximize every second to get your key messages included, even when the reporter asks you an off-topic question? How do you include mentions of your book or services without being smarmy, or having those mentions cut out? And is it really worth getting in the media—does it translate into higher fees, book sales, and demand for your services?

You see other authors and experts making news every day. What makes them newsworthy? How do they get invited back? As an award-winning journalist and media trainer, Gerard shares the secrets to a compelling interview and how you can be an A-List guest for TV, radio, and print.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • to refine your message into great quotes and sound bites
  • why the media would and would not want you as a guest
  • how you can manage the interview
  • whether a media interview can be monetized into future profits

More about our guest expert:

Leaders on five continents share one common rule: Don’t talk to the media until you talk to Gerard Braud. Known as the guy to call when “it” hits the fan, Gerard Braud (Jared Bro) is an expert in media training and crisis communications.

He is the author of Don’t Talk to the Media Until... 29 Secrets You Need to Know Before You Open Your Mouth to a Reporter.

Gerard has been active in the field of communications since 1979. For 15 years he worked in print, radio and television as a front-line journalist. His affiliate reports have been seen around the world on NBC, CBS, CNN, and the BBC.

As a spokesperson, Gerard has been quoted in more than 500 media outlets around the world and has been seen on television more than 5,000 times. He can even boast of creating a one-in-a-million front-page quote, by applying the principles he teaches.


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