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Randy GageGuest Expert:

Randy Gage
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The Program:

Are you feeling it’s harder to keep up with technology as well as trends in your clients’ industries? Have you found that what used to work in getting new clients no longer does? Are you frustrated by the accelerated speed of change and other disruptive trends changing business, marketing, and society as a whole? Experts are more in-demand than ever before. But the rules have changed, and what it takes for you to reach both your market and success has as well.

In this powerful teleseminar, you’ll learn how these extraordinary changes offer breathtaking opportunities—especially for speakers, authors, coaches, and consultants. This program will prepare you for some of the changes about to take place, and how you can turn change into opportunity for both you and your clients. Randy shares his take on how advances in tools like mobile apps, the cloud, social media, webinars, and streaming broadcasts are drastically and quickly changing the market for experts of any kind.

Randy reveals how he used social media to make his newest book, Risky Is the New Safe, a worldwide bestseller, and how you can harness it to connect with your tribe. You’ll discover why knowledge of the explosion of tablets, Internet learning, virtual presentations, and Web 3.0 is vital for your business—and critical for your clients. The rules have changed.

Listen to this powerful program and you will learn:

  • which technologies and social media you can’t sit out
  • the most disruptive trends you need to be in front of
  • new technology advances you can incorporate into your practices
  • the ways learning is changing for your audiences and how you must adapt
  • how to grow a loyal tribe of fierce advocates for your work

More about our guest expert:

Randy Gage is considered one of the preeminent experts on success in the world. He shares the lessons learned from his own adversity to help people and companies all over the world create wealth and success. Where others see only challenges, Randy reveals how to discover hidden opportunity. He’s bold, brash, sometimes controversial, but never boring. His tough-love approach will show you how to overcome limiting beliefs, develop critical thinking skills, and defy conventional wisdom to become successful.

Randy has spoken to more than two million people in 50 countries, and his nine bestselling books have been translated into 25 languages. When he’s not prowling the podium, or locked in his lonely writer’s garret, you’ll find him playing third base on a softball field somewhere.


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