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How to Have a Full Calendar with No Marketing

Christine CashenGuest Expert:

Christine Cashen, CSP
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The Program:

Your dream is to have as many engagements as you want without any outbound marketing. Your clients love you so much they rebook you and actively tell their fellow decision makers. You continually hear, “How can I help you?” “Who can I connect you with?” “When can you come back?” “I can’t wait to recommend you to my LinkedIn group.”

How do you get to this point? It’s not just a matter of the trite advice, “be good.” There are subtle practices that make you so connected with your client and the audience, they bend over backwards to get you more bookings.

Having a killer speech is essential, but many speakers miss other key elements that will truly set you apart from others. Do you gather fans before hitting the platform? Does your introduction spark the audience’s interest? Are your clients repeatedly asking you back—and telling others they must hire you?

Hear Christine to discover the secrets of what makes a speaker stand out from the rest, get booked, stay booked, and hit it out of the park *every* time!

You will learn how to:

  • use a unique technique to actively engage every part of the audience
  • transform a boring/typical introduction into an engaging one
  • create “funny” even if you aren’t naturally humorous
  • get meeting planners to market you enthusiastically
  • set the room to ensure your success

More about our guest expert:

Christine Cashen, CSP, is an award-winning speaker who has dazzled audiences worldwide for over 15 years with class, humor, and wit, providing real-life strategies on sparking ideas, handling conflict, reducing stress, and energizing employees. Drawing from her varied background as a business owner, university admissions officer, corporate trainer, and broadcaster, she combines a down-to-earth attitude with a colorful artistic streak.

Christine is a member of the National Speakers Association and is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). She is the author of The Good Stuff, named 2011 motivational book of the year by Next Generation Indie Book Awards.


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