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Intriguing Techniques for Capturing
Your Prospects’, Clients’, and Audiences’ Attention

Sam HornGuest Expert:

Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert
(About Sam)

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The Program:

“Instant gratification takes too long.”—Carrie Fisher

What are we to do when many of our prospects, clients, and audiences feel they’ve heard and seen it all?

How can we make our ideas compelling to people who are accustomed to 140 characters and 10-second sound bites?

How can we turn boring one-way communication into brilliant two-way communication so people are engaged from start to finish?

Yes, how?

By using Sam Horn’s techniques to turn INFO-besity on its head. Sam reveals why her innovative approaches are the secret to winning buy-in to what you care about—and to motivating other people to care about it, too.

You’ll enjoy Sam’s specific examples of how people have used her original methodologies to win awards, close multi-million dollar deals, and get their ideas/initiatives approved—and how you can, too.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to use this approach in ALL your communications (on the page, on stage, and online) to create “entrainment”—the exquisite state of flow in which you and your audience are completely caught up and immersed in the moment.

You’ll receive specific, tangible take-aways (what Sam’s known for) such as:

  • the technique that helped one of Sam’s clients be selected as one of BusinessWeek’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs
  • a way to make your examples come ALIVE so people see what you’re saying
  • how to turn a “no” into a “yes” with a cynic success story
  • the secret to making your material relevant for ANYONE
  • an ethical way to wrap-up that guarantees follow-up
  • one idea from Sam’s 10-10 approach that helped one of her clients land $9 million in funding

What is an upcoming communication in which you’ll be asking people for their attention, respect, business? Have that in front of you so you can immediately apply Sam’s techniques. You’ll quickly see how these new approaches can turn INFObesity into intrigue and have your readers, listeners, and viewers saying, “Tell me more.”

More about our guest expert:

Sam Horn is the Intrigue Expert, a world-renowned author, keynote speaker and communications strategist who has coached the world’s top entrepreneurs (e.g., Russia, China, the U.S.) and executives (e.g., Intel, Cisco, Boeing) how to communicate more clearly, compellingly and convincingly.

Her pioneering POP! book, endorsed by Seth Godin, Ken Blanchard, Mark Sanborn, and marketing guru Jeffrey Gitomer, introduces an innovative step-by-step system for creating first-of-their-kind titles, taglines, pitches, brand messages, positioning and marketing copy that get your products and services noticed, remembered, and bought.

She’s served as Pitch Coach for the USA Today Perfect Pitch and British Airways Face2Face competitions, and for Springboard Enterprises, which has helped entrepreneurs receive $5.5 billion in funding.

She is the former executive director and emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference (1992–2009) and has helped hundreds of people crystallize their message into quality books that scaled their influence, impact, and income.

Sam is known for originating first-of-their-kind, evolutionary methodologies in the communications field. Examples include: Tongue Fu!®, ConZentrate, What’s Holding You Back?, Take the Bully by the Horns, and the upcoming Eyebrow Test and SerenDestiny®.


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