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Producing and Promoting Your Product Pyramid

Marty GrunderGuest Expert:

Marty Grunder
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Infopreneurs often build products willy nilly. They don’t have a clear sequence of what a customer would buy after they’ve bought one product. They aren’t maximizing their customers’ willingness to buy the next item once they’ve bought a product. They leave money on the table.

And they leave fans hungry who would like — and would buy — the next step up.

Does this describe you?

Would you like to hear how a fellow speaker/consultant/coach created a product funnel for his specialized niche — so you can adapt his ideas to your market? Even if you have low-priced products, Marty shows you how he has created a pyramid to move happy buyers from starter products, to mid-sized ones, then to the highest level. He shares his thought process as he developed each tier and his lessons learned the hard way so you don’t have to repeat his mistakes.

Hear Marty Grunder as he shares his product pyramid processes and lessons.

You will learn:

  • how and why to start small
  • when and how to suggest the next level product
  • how to expand your product line so you have the next level to sell
  • avoiding pitfalls and what to do if you’ve fallen in them
  • how to keep your buyers happily returning and telling others
  • identifying the most profitable products

More about our guest expert:

Marty Grunder is a business builder. Marty discovered his entrepreneurial spirit as a young man with a lawnmower and grew that passion into a multi-million-dollar company. Along that journey, his success story was amplified by The New York Times and acknowledged with numerous honors, including three “Entrepreneur of the Year” awards by various institutions.

He continues to serve as CEO of Grunder Landscaping Co. in Dayton, Ohio, employing and leading more than 40 individuals, but Marty’s true passion lies in working with other CEOs, organizational leaders, and business owners to help them drive results.

Unlike some speakers who speak from third-party experience, Marty truly understands the confluence of marketing, motivation, and management. He has become the “go-to” expert to help hundreds of companies across North America inspire their leadership teams. Marty is a renowned speaker, business consultant, and author. His book, The Nine Simple Steps to Entrepreneurial Success, was named Business Book of the Year at the 2003 Independent Publisher Awards.


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