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A Radio Producer Spills All on Getting on Air

Brian PelletierGuest Expert:

Brian Pelletier, KGO Radio Producer
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The Program:

Being a guest on radio shows can help you reach masses and make a significant difference in your business. You hear colleagues interviewed regularly, yet you’ve had little success getting on air. If you could only get on some key shows catering to your target market, you know it would jumpstart your sales.

There are more stations now that Internet radio is rampant. However, you’d rather be on mainstream shows that have clout and gravitas. But you’re not sure how to start.

What if a producer at a well-known station could give you insider tips on how to get booked, how to be a great guest, and how to get invited back? Would it be worth listening and applying what he shares? Of course!

Brian produces two popular mainstream radio shows. He knows what works to get his attention and get on the show. He’s seen guests soar and some bomb. He shares his observations on how to be a stand-out and what to avoid.

You will learn:

  • How to get his — and other producers’ — attention without being a pest
  • Once booked, how to ensure your segment goes great
  • During-the-show do’s and don’ts
  • How to increase the likelihood you’ll be invited back
  • Ways to make sure your appearance links to your site
  • How to mention your books/services without being smarmy

More about our guest expert:

Brian Pelletier is the producer of the Karel and Maureen Langan Shows on KGO in San Francisco. Brian is also managing editor for The Teen Media Program and the Director of EarthScope Radio. Brian began his broadcasting career as a reporter and news anchor for WGAN radio in Portland, Maine. He has filed stories for CBS national radio and has interviewed several leading politicians and celebrities. In January 2009, Brian covered the inauguration of President Obama. After moving to San Francisco later that year, Brian worked as a reporter and producer for the KALW news program Crosscurrents.


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