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Add Another Revenue Stream
by Offering Client Encounter Audits

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Laurie Guest, CSP
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Clients crave strategic feedback on how their staff are performing, but few have outside experts helping them gather reports on specific measures. You’d love to help them, but how? How do you turn a speech, training or consulting engagement into a bigger fee by charging for what you may already be doing?

Do you know how to uncover what their staff is doing that works and what isn’t? How can you quantify your findings into a useful report and recommendations? How do you balance wanting to stay focused on your positioning as a speaker/trainer/consultant and be a secret shopping expert?

With easy-to-learn processes that Laurie calls “Guest Encounter Audit,” you can add this service to your offerings and get paid well to audit your customers’ sales, marketing, and/or customer service staff. You can get paid handsomely for shopping clients and then reporting your findings and recommendations. Or if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can enlist an encounter team to shop for you and you’ll still make a profit.

And as a bonus, you’ll learn how to have your own business development processes assessed. Is your website easy to navigate? How do your staff respond to inquiries? Is there anything that prevents customers from finding the info they need and starting a conversation about your services? Laurie will share how to do this so you can eliminate business-stopping practices.

Laurie teaches two ways to monetize the same creative sales technique. She’s spent over fifteen years developing and providing sales/marketing/customer service audits with her clients.

In this teleseminar you will:

  • Discover the thirteen components that turn tire kickers into check writers
  • Determine if the Guest Encounter Audit can be implemented into your business model for increased income
  • Identify current clients that are a match for the audit concept
  • Find out how secret shopping and an encounter audit are different
  • Stimulate ideas to create other value-add options to your current menu of services

More about our guest expert:

Laurie Guest, CSP, is well-known for her imaginative ideas and entertaining style. She speaks to thousands of people each year, consistently earning stellar ratings. Her ability to blend real-life examples with proven action steps is the reason over three-quarters of her clients ask for an encore appearance.

Over fifteen years ago Laurie began adding special features to her program menu. These options gradually led to higher income and bigger clients. Today she is an expert on customer engagement and trains companies how to improve service by performing a “Guest Encounter Audit” for specific clients. Today she will share her model and get you on track to begin a program like this for yourself.


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