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Speak Abroad, Volunteer, and Get Paid (Maybe)

Jana StanfieldGuest Expert:

Jana Stanfield, CSP
(About Jana)
with special guest Scott Friedman, CSP

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The Program:

Colleagues talk about their bookings abroad at fabulous places and at double their domestic rates. You’d love that, but your market or fame hasn’t provided the vehicle to make that happen. Does that mean you can’t speak abroad? No!

How about adding a layer beyond business and sightseeing, and instead make a difference providing assistance to a charity in your destination? You have a high value of giving to others and you want to do more. Meld your love of foreign travel with your desire to contribute to those in need for a truly memorable experience.

If you have the desire to mix business, pleasure, and actively contributing to those in need, you might get clients to pay a fee and/or your expenses. At the minimum, many trips could be tax deductible (check with your accountant first), and you could support your trip through BOR sales at public seminars.

Even if you only want to travel abroad once a year, Jana has some ideas that could work for you. She spends most of the year traveling abroad, making a living and making a difference.

You will learn how to:

  • speak abroad for fun, profit (maybe), and to make a difference
  • mix money-making presentations, marketing talks/meetings, charity work and fun
  • manage one’s expectations about fees
  • adjust BOR product prices for foreign markets
  • coordinate with non-profit/charity groups you want to support
  • leverage your contacts for referrals for business appointments or just connections in your destination

More about our guest experts:

Jana Stanfield, CSP, is a Grammy Award-winning artist whose music has been played on 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Oprah, the movie “8 Seconds,” and radio stations nationwide. Her compositions are sung by Reba McEntire, Andy Williams, and others, and Jana has shared stages with fellow performers ranging from Kenny Loggins to The Dixie Chicks.

However, another love and talent is showing parts of the world she loves to others, and contributing to the lives of others while there. She’s the co-founder of the non-profit foundation Together We Can Change the World, which takes volunteers to help others in Southeast Asia. She leads her Volun-tours in other parts of the world, too, including Turkey, Spain, France, and Italy, among a few.


Scott Friedman, CSP, is an international motivational humorist, author, and past president of the National Speakers Association. He co-founded Together We Can Change the World which supports orphanages, group homes, and schools in SE Asia. He regularly travels abroad mixing business, philanthropy, and fun.


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